West Creek Financial

West Creek Financial approves for up to $2,500 without going through all the hassle of traditional credit card lenders. It's great for anybody with bad credit or no credit. The program works like rent-to-own: you're not charged for interest right away but rather month to month. The sooner you pay it off the lower the cost. Also if you pay it off within 90 days there is no interest charge or 90 Days Same as Cash.


  • $40 Initial Payment if approved  *Will be withdrawn upon approval
  • Earn $1,000 a month (No minimum employment length worked required)
  • Checking Account open for past 3 months.

If you meet these requirements you are pre-approved! Fill out the online application for a quick response. When you're done, be sure to visit or contact us so you can pick out your furniture or if you have any questions.



Frequently Asked Questions

I have a card where my employer deposits my income instead of a traditional bank account. Can I still apply? Yes, West Creek accepts most employee-sponsored debit cards. Please call the phone number on the back of the card to obtain the checking and routing numbers that you will need on the application. 

Does West Creek report to the credit bureaus to start or improve my credit? Yes. West Creek reports to various secondary reporting agencies that in turn report to Equifax.

I'm currently employed but I just started working, can I get approved? Yes. West Creek Financial doesn't have a employed time-length requirement. As long as you are employed you are eligible to apply.

What is the maximum amount of financing I can get approved for? Approvals range from $300 minimum to a maximum of $2,500.

How much will I pay in interest? It varies, West Creek offers 90 days same as cash (cash price plus tax and initial payment). After 90 days you still have the Early Buyout option of paying 65% of the remaining lease balance instead of waiting out the whole 12-month term.

How do I make payments? Payments are automatically drafted from your checking account on a certain date (see contract if already financing). 

How do I get a hold of West Creek Financial? If you have further questions regarding financing or an existing account you can reach West Creek at:

Phone 844-937-8275
Hours Mon-Fri  8AM-4:30PM (Central Time)
Fax 855-330-0111
Email app@westcreekfin.com
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 5518
Glen Allen, VA 23058-5518